by Night Nurses

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released January 22, 2017

Produced and mixed by Chaimes Parker
Mastered by Bradford Krieger

Artwork by Lauren Ruggiero

All proceeds will be donated to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund



all rights reserved


Night Nurses Providence, Rhode Island

Lee Preston
Chaimes Parker
Mike Murdock


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Track Name: SHY
Silent as the street he walks
Under cover of darkness
Seen only by the moon
Like strangers
Shadows try to keep their pace
and echoes make a conversation
to an empty avenue
but you're in a crowded room
Maybe I'm just SHY
Hung up on the wall
Painted in a still life
The still life
Tiny black-eyed daisies
Babies breath all tucked away
Seem so perfectly arranged
Behind the subject
Flowers just fall
Where they're thrown
Words left out of a poem
No brush can ever paint
The other side of the bouquet
Track Name: Nowhere
I'm looking for the place where nothing ever happens
Where the music plays low and the hands are not yet clapping
I'm looking for the place where the ceilings never spin
Where the books are halfway read and the walls never close in
I'm looking for the time right before the beginning
When my hands would know their purpose
and that purpose I'll believe in
I'm looking for bliss that everyone must seek
To know life's not this bleak
To feel close to complete
But it's nowhere
I'm remembering a time when joy had filled my heart
The world had not gone dark
Love, life and art weren't so far apart
Track Name: I Live On A Dragonfly
I live on a dragonfly
I say "hello" to the people passing by
but I escape their sight
For I'm just a mite
and I live on a dragonfly
Some people look my way
As I pass I can hear them say
"Oh, what a lovely bug to see"
but they're not talking about me
'cause I live on a dragonfly
The world's so giant
and I'm inclined to feel so slight upon it's back
but I'll just keep trying saying "hi"
and maybe someone might say "hi" back
If no one should notice me
Then I suppose that's the way it must be
When my day turns to night
I pray my soul to take flight
On the wings of a dragonfly
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Get Better
I can twist anyway but Sunday
You promised that you'd make me someday
I don't wanna get better
Drunken life of a dreamy dying
Trying to squeeze me into a diamond
I don't wanna get better!
Hey fixer, can't you fix me up
With your bubblegum?
Never gonna get better!
I DON'T wanna get better!!!
Too fast
Too long
Drugs don't
Work for
Me A
What happened to the dream of me
A part of you always a bride-to-be
Like a disease named after me
Only see it if your looking down
Cum stains on a wedding gown
NevER Gonna get better!!!
The children are all bored on Sunday
You'll raise them 'til they like it one day
but YOU can't make me get better
Track Name: Just A Thought
Just a thought
That's all I've come to be
Just a memory
Not a lot
Just a thought
That you press to your breast
As other eyes watch you undress
All I want
When you're so far away from me
Just a thought keeps you so near to me
No matter where you are
There you are
Just a thought
If your heart was true
All I ask of you is not a lot
Just a thought